Ketosis vs Ketoacidosis

In my last post I talked about the Ketopia product, and about Ketosis and what both things are. But today I am going to talk about What Ketosis is vs. What Ketoacidosis is. The reason for this is that sometimes when I talk about Ketosis to someone they will say “But isn’t that dangerous?” The answer is no. People get Ketosis and Ketoacidosis mixed up.

Ketosis is where your body creates Ketones which burn fat for fuel/energy instead of carbohydrates. Allot of people diet and exercise in order to burn the extra body fat they have, but some of them may not know that Ketosis is the stage they are trying to reach. Ketosis is best achieved when a person cuts out all Sugars and Carbohydrates out of their diets.

Ketoacidosis is what is dangerous. Ketoacidosis is where the sugar level is too high in a person and it causes them to urinate and vomit in an effort to expel the sugar. The person becomes dehydrated and the acid levels in the body rise so much that it burns muscles and organs, practically melting them away. It is more painful than it sounds.

So in conclusion, unless you have heard of Ketosis and Ketoacidosis you may become confused if someone mentions Ketosis. Ketoacidosis is a dangerous-possibly fatal state of the body unless proper help is administered and  Ketosis is pretty much the state our ancestors were in before processed foods were invented.




What if I told you I know of  a product that puts your body into Ketosis with in 30 minutes and you can have scientific proof? Would you believe me? First let me tell you a few things .

Some of you may know what Ketosis is but for those of you who don’t; Ketosis is a state your body goes into that makes you burn your body fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. I believe it is your liver that creates the Ketones that make you go into Ketosis.

All the members in my family have tried different diets and we exercised daily while on the diets…not much of a change. As many of you probably already know the amount of processed food available is over whelming and it is not healthy at all.And allot of diet plans don’t seem to work, at least not for me. Well my mom was looking around on the internet and came across a product that works! This product puts your body into Ketosis.

When you go on a diet the goal is usually to make your body burn fat instead of carbs and Ketosis is the state you have to be in, in order to accomplish that. But the struggle to get there is horrible and painful, constantly craving the sweets, and/or starving yourself in order to MAKE your body burn the fat.But my mom found this product called Ketopia.

She read up on it and decided to try it out. Her body was in Ketosis with in 20 minutes and just in the first 24 hours she lost 3 lbs. (Tis is without working out) after the first day she lost 1 lb. everyday for the he was on the Reset.Right now my brother is on it and within the first 24 hours he lost 6 lbs.(he does bike riding) and he is only a few days into this Reset.

The best thing about this diet is that he can eat a wide variety of food. The food plan is on the website.I am waiting for my shipment to come in I cant wait to try this stuff out. The side affects of this product are amazing ranging from more energy to thinking more clearly and allot more. If you feel you want or need to loose weight please check out the link below.

Here is a link to the website selling the product and allot more.








Hi Guys

Hey Everyone,

I apologize to the people who posted comments more than 1 day ago, I have been super busy lately and haven’t really set aside time to do much regarding my blog..I am doing regular school work while studying to take my GED Test hopefully by the end of the school year.

If I pass I can get my drivers permit (which I am not too thrilled about since I have to get glasses; I actually used to want them, but  now I am not sure). But for me the hard thing is math. I love it because it is kind of like a weird jigsaw puzzle, and it is fun, but super complicated for me. And I am once again writing my book when I get the chance. When I finish it and do what editing I want done I am giving it to an acquaintance of mine to do editing and then her sister has offered to post it on Amazon for me, so with the requests from friends to get my book done and the incentive to have it self published, I am really excited to be doing this.

Plus I do baby sitting sometimes and I am going to be starting a photography business soon, so I am definitely excited about that. But I do plan on setting aside 30 minutes minimum to talk on my blog and check on replies. I hope that I can manage this because as already stated I love writing(just about anything, not just my book. Lol.)

So I hope you all have a good day.


I know it has been a while since I last posted anything but I have once again been super busy and haven’t had a chance to do much extra stuff. Anyway tonight I went to the movie called Beyond the Mask and I must say that it is in my top 5 favorite movies (it just might be my new top favorite). Anyway it is playing in 100 theaters right now and for a limited time. I think they take it out on the 11th, but I am not sure.

Anyway if you haven’t seen this movie you are missing out on a very large adventure. It is amazing and I cant wait until it comes out on DVD. There was allot of humor and deception and romance and adventures and real life facts through it.  I am once again saying it is one of my top favorites…I LOVE IT!!!!  So if you go to see this movie I hope you love it as much as I did and please tell me what you think after you see it.

So here is a link to a preview of the movie and I will also post their website below as well.

Here is the link:

And here is their website:

I Can’t Wait!!!!

I will joining the TeenPact program and I am super excited. I still have a lot of work to finish before then but I can’t wait until I get to go. I am not sure why I am so excited but I am. I guess I just enjoy testing new things, well to a limit that is. I absolutely will refuse to do certain fair rides because I am scared of heights.

The last time I went to the state fair I had to choose between being called a Scaredy Cat all night or riding a roller coaster. Well  I chose the latter of the two and discovered it was sort of fun, so long as I wasn’t on the edge seat! Any way if you are interested in learning how things are done in your State House and so on here is the link. WARNING; this program is kinda pricy.

Here is the link to their website:

Just so you know…

I have been super busy lately and I also (somehow) managed to misplace my pencil bag that had my book in it. So if you want to read it I will put a link to the blog it is on. I haven’t written chapter 11 yet, and I wont until I find my thumb drive.  Anyway here it is the link:

If you go there you might like to read some of the other books they are all very good. 🙂

My book

So as promised Ladies and Gentlemen I am posting the first chapter to one of the…..five books I am working on. This one is my top priority right now and the others are kind of on the side or I am still trying to figure them out, but without any further ado I give you:

Stand Together

Prolog April 17, 1523
“It’s a girl Roger, finally a girl.” Jasmine called through the door. Roger quit pacing and smiled. His wife now had a daughter to teach and do hair with. As the head knight he had spent allot of time with his sons teaching them everything he possibly could once they hit four.

Now he had a daughter he could protect. “Dad is the baby finally here?” Jason asked bursting through the door with his younger brothers in tow. Roger looked at his sons who were all looking at him expectantly; he smiled at them and said, “It’s a girl.” The bedroom door opened and the mid wife nodded her head to the unspoken question on all the men’s faces.

They all filed in to get a look at their new family member. “What is her name Jasmine?” Roger asked his wife as he sat on the bed next to her. She looked at her husband and smiled as she handed him their baby, “Her name is Elizabeth Rosaline Marks.”  The boys crowded around their parents to look at their new sister, just then Elizabeth opened her eyes and looked at every one in the room. Roger smiled at the baby in his arms. “She has green eyes. Just like her Momma.”

Chapter 1

May 10, 1540

“Lizzy you need to get up, the boat is about to dock and then we’ll have a twelve hour ride ahead of us before we’ll be home.” Elizabeth sat up and glared at her eldest brother Jason.  “You know, I may love you to death but you sure know how to aggravate a girl. I don’t know why all the girls think you are charming but you’re a scoundrel.”

She stood up and stretched as her brother laughed. Elizabeth couldn’t help but laugh also; her brother’s laughter was contagious. When they settled down Jas on hugged her and said over the top of her head, “Sorry Lizzy but I can’t wait to get home, I know that you are tired and you’ve only slept for an hour, but that’s your own fault.”

She yawned as he led her up the stairs to the deck. She watched as Jason waked to the other side of the boat to make sure all their things were suited to be unloaded.

“Here, have some bread Miss Robinson.” She turned around in surprise then smiled at the Captain who happened to be carrying some bread and cheese. “Why, thank you sir,” she replied accepting the bread.” Is this from the breakfast I slept through?” The Captain nodded in reply then walked away as she took a bite.

She looked toward her brother about to ask him how much longer until they landed but inhaled a quick breath at how stunning he looked with the dawn light upon him. His dark hair had streaks of blond in it that now shone Pinkish-Orange. His strong features looked more relaxed as he smiled to the now visible land.

At twenty-two he was still her favorite of her older brothers even though he traveled allot. He turned and caught her staring at him and gave her the smile he gave most women when they stared at him. Elizabeth was very tempted to roll her eyes at him but decided to pretend to be flirtatious so she smiled back and started batting her lashes at him while turning her body from side-to-side the way she had seen the girls in their town do when he flashed that smile. He burst out laughing and she did too as she walked over to him.

She noticed that some of the crew was looking at them funny which made her laugh harder. She settled down as the ship landed. Her brother helped her down to the dock with a hurried and excided stride. “Now to go get the horses from the stable and ride home. Lizzy will you see that our trunks get sent back to Aunt Ida’s hotel?”  She nodded and told the waiting sailor to take their things to the hotel right across the street.

When she saw that accomplished she ran to the stables but stopped as soon as she got inside. “Buttercup!” She yelled when she spotted her horse and Joseph a stableman from home.

Her brother talked to their servant in a whispered conversation as she hugged her horse.  She looked up in surprise as her brother’s voice rose slightly.

“Jason, what’s wrong?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jason looked at her but didn’t answer, instead he mounted his horse. “We need to hurry Lizzy I can’t explain what I don’t understand myself.” She mounted and followed her brother confused.